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Pesach Registration for 5783

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I authorize my child to take part in all of the activities undertaken by Bnei Hashraah. I also agree not to hold the counselors or anyone connected to Bnei/Bnos Hashraah responsible for any injuries, losses, damages or deaths that may occur during any of the programs. I hereby release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Bnei/Bnos Hashraah or its organizers or any of the counselors. I fully understand that my child is participating at his/her own risk with my permission. In event of an injury, the counselors will first contact the parents and emergency personnel. If the parents cannot be reached. I hereby give permission to Bnei/Bnos Hashraah, its organizers, counselors to make medical decisions on behalf of the child and hereby authorize appropriate medical treatment to be provided for my child until such time that I can be reached. 

I agree to the above

I give permission for my child's picture to be used on the website/ in flyers / article / videos or any form of Bnei Hashraah promotional material

I agree to the above

Code of Conduct

In order to ensure that Bnei Hashraah is a place where our children are in a nurturing and Torahdik environment, we expect all children to adhere  to the following basic rules:

1.  It is forbidden to bring any form of electronic or media gadgets other than a camera to our meetings, e.g. MP3 players, iPods and iPads are not permitted. If the child needs to bring a mobile phone, it must be a "kosher" model, and he/she must notify the head counselor that he/she has it.

2.  No foul language, innuendos, bullying, violence or other inappropriate discussions or behavior.

3.  Children must obey their counselors at all times; defiance will not be tolerated.

4.   Children may not leave an activity early without notifying their counselor.

 Bnei Hashraah reserves the right to remove a child from the group at any time if they violate any of the above rules.

I agree to the above

Meeting Times & Payment

The boys will start and finish in the Ayalon Park each day.

For 0-6th grade, unless otherwise stated, camp runs from 9am - 2pm from 29th Mar - 4 April 2023.

7 - 8th grade will be given a separate schedule at the start of camp.


Payment must be made IN FULL before camp starts. Cash, credit card, bank transfer & PAY (telephone app) are accepted.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or phone 058-HASHRAA (058-427-4722)

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