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About us

Our mission is to build the leaders of tomorrow.


If you mix up the following ingredients, you’ll find a true recipe for a boy’s spiritual and emotional growth: positive role models, inspiration, opportunities for growth, a sense of purpose, and a place to belong.


Bnei Hashraah includes all of the above, PLUS our secret sauce-- FUN. 


From the 5th-8th grade, some of the most impressionable and questioning years for a boy, Bnei Hashraah offers weekly meetings as well as special holiday and shabbos programming. These informal meetings foster long-lasting friendships and expose the boys to different scenarios that push them beyond their comfort zone. In addition, Bnei Hashraah takes full advantage of its location to inspire the boys with the kedusha of Eretz Yisrael. 


These four years culminate in a special leadership training trip to London.


Who are we? 




The program is run by well-known community leaders who constantly seek guidance from the local Rabbonim including Rabbi Yaacov Haber, Rabbi Yehoshua Landau, and Rabbi Kimche. 


The madrichim are hand-picked from the best yeshivos in Israel. They receive thorough training as well as weekly “in-service” training throughout the year. 


Our special madrichim serve as much more than distant role models. They are actively involved as mentors and provide the boys with a forum for asking questions. By creating a positive and open atmosphere, our madrichim also help the boys to form lifelong friendships with other boys in the program.




Bnei Hashraah includes boys from all different academic and social levels. By meeting outside of the school framework, Bnei Hashraah enables the boys to make new friends as well as to shine and to develop skills unique to this environment.



It all begins with fun. By engaging the boys with exciting activities like bonfires, beach trips, tiyulim, matzah baking, Shabbatons up North, etc., the participants have a lot to look forward to throughout the year. 


As a result,  they keep coming back for more.


In the older grades, the boys also participate in more thought provoking activities. For example, our leadership training program or meeting holocaust survivors and former pioneers and heroes from the early days of Israel’s formation. 





Learning is essential to Bnei Hashraah. Because our madrichim love learning, they naturally impart to the boys its high value. It’s incredibly powerful and eye-opening for participants to observe their madrichim in pure “fun mode” and then, soon after, to see how they give priority to limud Torah. 


We incorporate learning into all of our programs, in addition to the dedicated “shteig” with cholent twice a month*.
* older grades only

Team Building


Our madrichim work alongside experienced instructors to develop games that while fun and entertaining, train the boys to work as a team. In the older grades, the boys finally understand that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, they must build each other up to achieve a greater goal. The result? They improve their skills in communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.




As the boys get older, they put their new-found skills into practice by running different community programs.

By planning, innovating, making decisions, delegating tasks, and being accountable, the participants learn hands-on what makes an effective leader.




Chesed is one of the pillars of Bnei Hashraah. Visiting the sick, helping out with a local fundraising campaign, making food baskets are just a few examples of what we do. Without a lecture, the boys learn the incredible feeling that follows an act of chesed. It propels them to initiate kind acts on their own in school, at home, or anywhere! 




A lot of thought and attention is put into the planning of each program. When preparing a program we start with our goal in mind, and carefully consider how to achieve this within the dynamics of the specific group.

"We believe all children can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world."

- Rav Cohen

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the leaders of tomorrow. Living in a fast-paced world, our aim is to turn our children into givers and not just takers.

Our Mission

Our Vision

By empowering and developing our youth through enriching activities and unique programming, our goal is to build the leaders and community activists of the future..

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