BNEI HASHRAAH, a youth group was founded under the guidance of Rabbi Yaacov Haber and Rabbi Yehoshua Landau, to inspire and engage Anglo boys in Israel.


In our fast paced world, dominated by media and distractions, BNEI HASHRAAH strives to strengthen the boys spiritually by deepening their connection to Torah and kedushas Eretz Yisrael.


With dynamic madrichim from the Mir and other yeshivos serving as role models, the boys have an opportunity to grow and develop themselves outside of the classroom, in an environment imbued with simcha. A crawl through the Bar Kochva caves before Chanukah, a Shabbaton in the Old City of Jerusalem, an oneg Shabbos, a cooking class, chesed, learning and trivia quizzes, sports and races, barbecues —these are all examples of the various activities run by BNEI HASHRAAH on a weekly basis.