BNEI HASHRAAH is pulling off mission (almost) impossible in Ramat Beit Shemesh. It transmits the classic values of the Torah to religious children and adolescents in very healthy, creative ways. These include weekly activities as well as special events. Whether the children are bonding at a basketball game or helping the underprivileged, BNEI HASHRAAH is really happening and making it happen. Our own children come back from the activities, beaming and re-energized. This is a first-class movement in all respects - from the professional leadership to the down-to-earth counselors. BNEI HASHRAAH gives the youth of today what they truly need in a way that they really want.


As children, you can expect fun and fulfilling experiences with friends and counselors. As parents, you can feel reassured that your children are not only safe but also stimulated – emotionally and spiritually. As supporters, you have the opportunity and privilege to share in a powerful movement which is empowering young religious children to live healthy, happy, and meaningful lives.


In my opinion, BNEI HASHRAAH is the way for the religious youth of today!


Dovid Sommer

When you dream of frum Jewish youth, what do you envision?


I see young Jews committed to Torah, ‘into’ learning, well-rounded - and having fun. 

I see afternoon activities, special trips, and great role models. 

I see rabbanim overseeing and encouraging inspirational, kosher, and meaningful activities.  


When I dream of frum Jewish youth, I see BNEI HASHRAAH.


Doron Kornbluth

Educator & Author

Kids need identity. Israeli society doesn't make that easy for Anglos.


When we first moved here 12 years ago it all seemed so black and white: you're either Israeli or American (or English, South African, just fill in the blank). There was no Anglo pride combined with the joys of living in our holy land. The two felt like they were at war, with the battles too often played out in our children's lives. Kids just had to figure it out while parents often had to just watch them helplessly. The consequences were sometimes severe.


But all that has changed in recent years and BNEI HASHRAAH is at the center of this positive movement in RBS.


Love of Eretz Yisroel, fun, competitive sports, community awareness, Jewish identity is the attractive wrapper of BNEI HASRHAAH. But the essence, the real spirit, of this amazing youth group is "you are special--an Anglo in Israel, you belong, Yiddishkeit is fun, and we can embrace Eretz Yisroel because it's ours." What a winning combination of the best of two worlds!


The madrichim are super role models for the kids and reach out to each one sincerely and sensitively. The programming is thoughtful, engaging, physically active, entertaining--activities that nourish the boys both physically and spiritually. BNEI HASHRAAH connects kids to themselves and keeps them excited about life when the weeks in school seem to run endlessly one into the other.


My son asks me already on Sunday what he's doing in BNEI HASHRAAH on Thursday. He can't wait!


Every Anglo community should jump on board with this youth group so their kids can be part of something meaningful, fulfilling, nurturing, fun, and much bigger than themselves.


The Anglos are here to stay and so is BNEI HASHRAAH!